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Greener Buildings Project DRAFT

Greener Buildings Project DRAFT

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In the tapestry of modern living, our structures stand as silent sentinels to progress, embodying our dwelling places, hubs of innovation, and sanctuaries of recreation. Yet, these edifices are paradoxically the behemoths of energy consumption and the vanguards of carbon emissions within the EU, usurping 40% of energy usage and contributing 36% of CO2 emissions through their lifecycle. The quest for carbon neutrality by 2050, as espoused by the European Green Deal, beckons a radical metamorphosis of our built environment. The essence of this transformative project lies in allying with nature and technology, culminating in the creation of living structures that not only inhabit but enrich our world. We aspire to weave the fabric of sustainability into the very walls that shelter us, ensuring they stand as testaments to eco-integrity, fostering the well-being of all citizens.