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Impact Investor Ambassadors Initiative

Impact Investor Ambassadors Initiative

Business & economics

in progress | Hybrid

Staring on: 10-06-2024
Expected duration: Continuous
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Impact and systemic change stay in fostering green employment opportunities. As of now, we know that green jobs are on the rise, however many people (especially fresh graduates) struggle to land such opportunities due to a lack of practical knowledge and connections.

Easysustainability's activities include green upskilling, coaching and networking initiatives, and various projects for youth to fill the gap between the university and the job market. Our diverse portfolio includes a tailored website for the personal development of our members, and awareness-raising events with speakers from renowned institutions such as the International Energy Agency, Ramboll, and the Harvard Business School online community.

We want to build an impact investor network whose expertise and passion for driving positive change align closely with our cause, and your support could empower us to positively influence many people's lives and the environment.

Several companies and donors (including the NGO grants of Google, Microsoft, Digital Ocean, and Canva) have already recognized the importance of our action. By joining them, and making a generous donation to Easysustainability, you'll help shape the next generation of environmental and humanitarian leaders, directing them to a fulfilling career in such fields.

We would be glad to get to know you better and provide you with more details about us at your earliest convenience. Please reach out at [email protected] and let's set up a meeting to discuss how we can support your impact strategy.

Thank you for sharing a common cause with us, and we hope you will consider our request. We still have much to develop, and your generous contribution will be invaluable to us in making significant progress.