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It is possible for anyone to choose whether to be an associate, a volunteer or both. Being Easysustainability an association for social promotion, we provide our services free of charge to our associates. The benefits of the association are thus:

- Free services provided by us: coaching sessions, cv, LK, cover letter writing services, posting your freelance services on our new hybrid associate program page
- Personal development plan available in your profile section
- Pro version of our website (access to all features and materials)
- Voting rights in assemblies
- Discounts on external sustainability courses, products and initiatives through the Easysustainabiliy (digital) card, which is coming soon
- Other benefits defined by Italian law (see the founding acts that will soon be published in our Transparency section)
To become an associate you just have to:
1. Register for Free on this website.
2. Verifiy your email address.
3. Send us a request by touching the button below.
4. Next pay an Association Quote of 15€ (per year) at this link.
In "What's this payment for?" write your full name, the email you've registered on this website and "Association Quote".
Example: "John Smith [email protected] Association Quote".
5. Wait untill we check the payment. Once we the payment has been confirmed, in your profile you'll see below your name "Associate".
6. To officialize your associate status, as per Italian law, you will need to read carefully our statutory act and fill this form, then send it to [email protected]
If you didn't take this last step, but you paid your association quote, that will be considered just as a liberal donation, so no voting rights in associates assemblies can be activated!
7. Enjoy all the benefits of beeing an associate!

*Alternatively (if you have an Italian bank account) you can send 15€ to our bank account:*
IBAN: IT09R0200813909000106886155
Country: Italy
Bank name: Unicredit
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