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WELCOME TO EasySustainability

"Green jobs are decent jobs that contribute to preserve or restore the environment, be they in traditional sectors such as manufacturing and construction, or in new, emerging green sectors such as renewable energy and energy efficiency - ILO”


We have created an extensive online educational resource list, with a number of selected online courses (both internal and external) useful to upgrade your skills and knowledge. On demand, we also organize internal and external courses, workshops and training sessions on sustainability topics.
We have extensive experience in sustainability startups, corporates and the public sector. This is why we can help you improve your CV and LinkedIn profile, specifically tailoring them for such employers. We also support you in interview preparation, and especially in building connections with our existing network of employers, showcasing your great volunteer commitment with them in our webinars, social media posts, projects and more.
We have several experienced volunteer mentors who are available to give free support to our associates in entering specific careers (e.g humanitarian aid, environmental consulting, academia). You can book free consultation sessions with them in the section "education & training" by clicking on the respective card, and then on "book a session".
We collaborate with several companies, institutions and NGOs all over Europe. We believe that volunteering experience is as important as job experience and especially much better than the unfortunately very common unpaid internships in for-profit company. For this reason, if you carry on a project under us, successful completion will bring you relevant eperience on your cv, and could connect you to new exciting working opportunities with our partners and broader network!

Our Background

You may want to become an employee in an ESG corporation, an academic researching climate change, or even a social entrepreneur who brings disruptive eco-innovations/startups to the market. No matter what your career goal is, Easysustainability is ready to support you in making it greener!

Our cause consists of upskilling youth in order to maximize their chances to land greener jobs. We do it through green upskilling, coaching, networking and several other projects, campaigns or initiatives. We also offer a tailored website, in continuous update, to make such opportunities more accessible to everyone.

Easysustainability began as a digital youth group in September 2022, recruiting volunteers via LinkedIn. Our unexpected success led to our official foundation as a youth association in Italy in 2023. Today, we are a thriving community of over 100 sustainability enthusiasts, engaging in both digital and in-person projects across Europe and globally.

Our organization is deeply committed to the four priorities of the Erasmus+ program:

  • Inclusion and Diversity: We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and abilities from across the EU and worldwide.
  • Digitalization: We pioneer the use of digital tools like Google Workspace and Canva for nonprofits, training our volunteers to minimize paper use, transportation, and environmental waste.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Our mission is to bridge the gap between social and environmental sustainability, focusing on placing as many people as possible in green jobs.
  • Civic Engagement: We promote EU values, democratic participation, and civic engagement, highlighting opportunities for EU citizens and expats.
We also believe in lifelong learning and continuous improvement, adhering to the 8 key competences for lifelong learning and the EU’s Erasmus+ Youth Quality standards. This commitment helps our volunteers grow and adapt in their greener career paths.

Key activities and experiences:

Easysustainability is primarily an online global community of enthusiastic and professionally diverse activists engaged in various environmental, social, and economic sustainability topics. Our community includes both registered entities and informal digital youth groups.

Our main areas of action, represented by cross-functional global teams, include:

  • STEM: The largest area, focusing on:

    • Regenerative agriculture
    • Biodiversity
    • Green buildings
    • Integrated sustainability reporting (blockchain)

  • Corporate Activism: Influencing corporate policies to promote environmental responsibility, social equity, and sustainable development.

  • Startup Acceleration & Think Tank: Supporting eco-innovators to navigate market complexities, share insights, and create connections.

  • Global South: Promoting greener employment in emerging markets.

  • Awareness Raising: Enhancing understanding and engagement through targeted initiatives.

We prioritize making our activities flexible, digitized, and accessible, spanning projects, initiatives, and campaigns.


Our projects, which are central to our NGO, can be open-source or adapted to official schemes like Erasmus+ and Benevity, and can be digital, hybrid, or physical, as well as knowledge-intensive or beginner-level. We empower youth to manage their own projects, with delegate project managers leading each initiative to develop both hard and soft skills, such as leadership and teamwork.

When Italian law permits, we offer students the opportunity to participate in curricular internships at Easysustainability, helping them gain relevant experience in sustainability and non-profit management. Exceptional eco-innovative ideas compliant with our policies may receive support to become entrepreneurial ventures.

Our projects cover a wide range of topics aligned with our commitment to corporate sustainability and greener careers for youth. Examples of completed works include two volunteer upskilling programmes with Emeis Global and TEAM NEST, which were remote and flexible. These projects helped volunteers learn about SCRUM, business planning, technological tools, and sustainability consulting, enhancing their professional networks and employability.

Initiatives and Campaigns

Leveraging our strong professional network, we have run successful webinars in collaboration with NGOs like YES Europe. These webinars featured speakers from prestigious organizations such as Harvard Business School Online Community DACH, Arabat, Bamboo Energy, the International Energy Agency, and Ramboll. They facilitated discussions on key sustainability topics, providing a platform for experts and enthusiasts to exchange knowledge and ideas, thus advancing sustainable practices among youth.

Additionally, we engage in information dissemination through editorials and social media, offering valuable sustainability insights to our community. These editorials keep our stakeholders informed about the latest developments, best practices, and innovative solutions in sustainability. We are also promoting a remote sustainability job-shadowing initiative, matching mentors and mentees to support green career development.

*Note: Only one entity is officially founded at the moment. Other local representations, primarily in Brazil, Indonesia, and the DACH region, are being explored for future project applications. Volunteers are not employees of Easysustainability and often have other part-time or full-time commitments, so preparatory meetings or activities need to be scheduled in advance. Weekly free time availability can be provided upon request.

For specific project topics, other expert volunteers can be involved in the preparation.

Our Priorities

Inclusion & Diversity, Digitalization, Environment & Fight against Climate Change, Respect of EU Values & Its Institutions.

Our people and community 

At EasySustainability, we are a diverse team of professionals from varied backgrounds united by a shared goal: fostering an economic system where people get paid (and not just volunteer) to solve environmental problems (implicitly also social ones). Our approach is both bottom-up, upskilling youth in order to land greener jobs and at the same time top-down, encouraging corporates, governments and other actors to increase the number of green jobs. Our organization is structured into different cross-functional sections based on knowledge areas—STEM, Law, Economics & Business, and Humanities—allowing associates to align with their passions and expertise.

We value open dialogue and constructive feedback, respecting each member’s work-life balance while collaborating towards our organizational objectives. If you are passionate about sustainability and eager to build a robust network within this field, EasySustainability offers opportunities to engage deeply and learn across different domains.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future where your contributions make a meaningful impact!
Our Community
Beware of individuals falsely claiming to be decision-makers at EasySustainability. Only officially registered members (associates), holding a written authorization by the director board and/or associates assembly, are authorized to represent EasySustainability, sign partnerships, contracts, or engage in similar activities. Any unauthorized activity by non-registered members is considered invalid. If you suspect someone is improperly representing EasySustainability, please contact us at [email protected] and report any suspicious activity.

Additionally, the use of our brand or references in a resume or LinkedIn profile is only valid with an official certificate of successful completion from a project or references signed by the president. Official communications for partnerships or commitments MUST originate from [email protected]. Thank you for helping us safeguard our organization!

Our mission is to fill the gap between education and green jobs

EasySustainability's registered association is an NGO operating at the European level. Our mission is to upskill youth through non-formal educational methods, project work, and MOOCs, enhancing their prospects for securing green jobs. By doing so, EasySustainability aims to democratize green knowledge and promote sustainable and circular solutions across industries, academia, nonprofits, and beyond.

Our activities span a wide spectrum—from sustainable entrepreneurship to pro-bono consulting—aimed at supporting organizations in their journey towards sustainability (see our project portfolio in the home section). As an environmental sustainability-focused NGO, we are dedicated to devising innovative solutions to global environmental challenges, guiding our projects accordingly.

We provide hands-on learning opportunities for students, graduates, and young professionals interested in sustainable product development, design, strategies, and consulting. Associates collaborate on real-world projects alongside experienced entrepreneurs and organizations, gaining practical skills in launching sustainable products and services. This experiential learning approach bridges the knowledge gap in sustainability, empowering associates to drive their ideas and potentially pursue careers as entrepreneurs, consultants, or policymakers in the future.

We look forward to welcoming the next generation of talented individuals to our team and working together to shape a sustainable future.
Full legal name Easysustainability ETS
(ETS acronym is valid just once registered to Italian RUNTS)
TIN (codice fiscale)02025490497
VAT (p. IVA)IT02025490497
Bank coordinates
  • IBAN: IT09R0200813909000106886155
  • Country: Italy
  • Bank name: Unicredit
CountryItaly, Tuscany
Email[email protected]
Type of Organisation We currently have an "associazione non riconosciuta" registered in Italy via private act but with no physical office, and apart from some Erasmus+ projects, our activities take place digitally. We are actively exploring opportunities of registration to RUNTS, obtaining officially the status of an association for social promotion, and make our statute a public act, whenever our local physical activities in the Italian territory will grow to the right level.
Is the partner organisation a public body? No
Is the partner organisation a non-profit?Yes
CauseHelping youth land greener jobs
OrientationApolitical and non-religious NGO
FocusEnvironmental sustainability: corporate activism
Type Status (for info on eligibility for each KA, see here)
Agenzia delle entrate di Livorno Founding act and statute validated on 03/07/2023 with reference number 1363, series III
Italian national agency (ANG) OID validationValidated on 18/10/2023


We commit to respect those basic but very important rules, and need our partners to equally commit.
All the editorials and materials used by our volunteers get double-checked by a plagiarism scan. We are giving opportunities to people that are completely new to the job market, so there may be some margins of mistakes from their side despite our guidance, and in case something is missed we are more than available to cooperate for removal and/or quote. We would expect our partners to also check if their materials are compliant with anti-plagiarism regulations and we would provide support in case further checks are needed.
Regarding third-parties intellectual property, the same applies as anti-plagiarism, and in certain cases we may even consider the payment of royalties of third-parties products. Regarding in-house intellectual property, what produced at Easysustainability is generally meant to be intellectual property of the organisation, unless other specific contracts are in place. Since our cause implies even empowering people to possibly start their own green firms, we don't intend to make any profit with such inventions and we are available to grant the volunteers ownership of their own inventions inside our projects through written agreement, if they show serious commitment, uniqueness of their idea and intention to support the cause of Easysustainability by leading their for-profit spin-off. We expect our partners to respect intellectual property rights of any other subject, and discuss with us, case-by-case, whether they may want to ask permission for using third-parties IP or intend to (co)own certain inventions possibly developed during a project in partnership.
While we are a non-profit and are not selling any product through green claims, greenwashing as it is intended for profitable bodies is technically inapplicable. Nonetheless, we are committed to avoid any overcommunication about what is "green", "sustainable", "circular" or any other type of environmental claims in our communications that goes against the EU green claims initiative. We have appointed a legal specialist volunteer to go through our communication strategy and check thoroughly for overcommunication on environmental claims. We have a FAQ section on our website to explain publicly any possible misunderstanding, and are available to clarify and remove any overcommunication published by our volunteers (we specify again that we comprehend their possible mistakes, especially of the most inexperienced ones, so any of your feedback is very valuable for their learning). We expect our partners, especially in the rare case they are profit-making bodies, to take serious measures against greenwashing as mandated by the EU.
The collection of personal data of our associates and volunteers is minimal, stored confidentially with restricted access and limited to basic information for running our activities or other information required by Italian law. We have appointed a legal volunteer who is specialized in cybersecurity and digital law, who together with our web developer, created our privacy policy. Our communications happen mainly on our official channels announced on our website and are all coming from previous consent coming either from the acceptance of our cookies on the website or the application to our volunteer position in other websites such as Linkedin. We expect our partners to do everything in their means to also respect GDPR.
As of now, November 2023, we are all volunteers, and there are no labour contracts in place. We are working on volunteer contracts to formalise the commitment of our people. Our projects so far have been mostly run remotely, thus in terms of EHS we have been following official OSHA advice and training materials for such categories (safety training, office safety). Regarding in-person projects, so far we have never hosted one, we have just participated as sending partners, however we still abide by OSHA and EU measures, and expect our partners to do the same. In particular we require our project participants to bring their EHIC or health insurance always with them, and respect the additional HSE instructions provided by the hosting partners.
For future projects, if budget and Italian law allow, and they are deemed strictly necessary by the board, we can consider temporarily employing possible writers or experts of any kind on a freelance collaboration/contractor basis.
We take inclusivity and equality very seriously, we do our best to prevent any case of misconduct, harassment or discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, disability or any other characteristics. We have included many people of different backgrounds, genders and ethnicity in our leading positions and are keen to do even more. Any grounded suspicion of one of our project participants to commit such acts while performing their volunteering tasks must be reported to [email protected] and we will take serious action against it.
In Erasmus+ projects performed with the Italian legal subject of Easysustainability, as per EU law and youth standards, we are allowed to just select participants with Italian citizenship or expats holding a valid Italian residence permit to also travel to the hosting partner's country. We cannot provide any visa sponsorship, and anyone caught lying about their residence status in project applications will be reported to the competent authorities. We expect our partners to have similar measures implemented.
Our financial reporting is regulated by Italian law of third sector entities. We are using the updated balance sheet version provided by CESVOT agency and are available to present it (in Italian and English language) upon request. Regarding non-financial reporting, despite not legally binding but just voluntary for our legal form at the moment, we are actively working on assessing the impacts of our operations and report ESG metrics according to ESRS (even as a means of training for our volunteers interested in learning about sustainability reporting in a non-profit). We ask our partners to have compliant frameworks for what their local laws and EU regulations (IFRS, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive - CSRD, and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation - SFDR) may require for their size and type of legal entity.
We are a non-profit association. While the directors board manages the activities of Easysustainability, the ultimate decision-making organ is the associates assembly. Important decisions that will significantly impact (both positively and negatively) the organisation balance sheet, reputation and long-term strategy need to be approved by the majority of them. This may slow down some processes, but it is a measure designed by the Italian law to ensure everyone representing the organisation is aligning with the cause: every decision must be aimed at upskilling youth in getting greener jobs, so the environment is always an imperative in decision making, obviously taking also into account digitalization, civic engagement and inclusiveness. Thus decisions on our participation in possibly very impacting projects will be subject to associate assembly approval (can be called with a notice of 15 days).
All contracts signed by Easysustainability president are subject to amendments to make such agreements fully compliant with Italian code of the third sector (L. 26 Luglio 2023,n. 95) and pre-existing contractual obligations of Easysustainability staff with other employers, whether any doubt on such compliance arises.
Since the Erasmus+ projects cannot be considered as a service to the associates, association for the participants is optional.