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Green Claims Sentinel Initiative

Green Claims Sentinel Initiative

Law | Green claims

in progress | Hybrid

Expected duration: Continuous
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What are green claims?

Green claims are the "precursor" of a broader phenomenon: greenwashing. Greenwashing is a growing problem that undermines genuine environmental efforts and deceives consumer, and the proposed EU "Green Claims Directive" aims at tackling this problem.

On the other hand, also the contrary is possible: greenhushing. This means there are literally companies which prefer not to communicate/report their environmental credentials to avoid being accused of greenwashing.

Needless to say both extremes are wrong, and that is why we have set up this volunteer initiative in order to do some desk research and assessments on green claims across different companies, institution and NGOs. Even if Easysustainability is not selling any product or service, this initiative includes also self-assessments about the posts and other contents made by our volunteers.

Our team of legal sustainability specialists is eager to contribute to a more transparent and trustworthy world, and support on a pro-bono basis in running high-level green claims assessment to any actor which may be affected by the proposed directive.

Since we promote employment in the sustainability world, more advanced services are possible for companies interested in giving a chance to our volunteers. The advanced services will be performed by them on a freelance and paid basis.

Please contact [email protected] for more information!