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Pro-bono Sustainability Consulting Initiative

Pro-bono Sustainability Consulting Initiative

Business & economics | Pro-bono

starting | Hybrid

Expected duration: Continuous
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As we all know, small companies are often left out from the sustainability transformation and awareness. How many of them are not considering increasing their sustainability credentials given they don't fall under the CSRD, or even greenhushing.

This initiative aims to create a mutual benefit, symbiotic-relationship among volunteers in need of upskilling and small companies in need of sustainability awareness.

Our volunteers will be participating in this pro-bono consulting initiative on a demand basis, and will be seconded to small companies for an agreed period.

They will simulate a relevant job experience to showcase to employers upon successful completion.

Are you a small company or sustainability enthusiast who'd like to make an impact? Apply to this opportunity or reach out to [email protected] for more information

Please note that this initiative is only reserved for small companies/professional networks which are not subject to the CSRD, and only dedicated to sustainability. It is highly prohibited to involve the volunteers in any other company activities that are not related to ESG.