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What is EasySustainability ?

EasySustainability is a broad online community that involves professionals, NGOs and other entities active in the sustainability field. It aims to upskill youth through non-formal educational methods, project works, and MOOCs to have higher chances of landing greener careers, while at the same time encouraging employers and institutions to give them a chance to change the world.

Who we are

We started out as a digital informal youth group in September 2022, recruited through a volunteer post on Linkedin.
We could not have anticipated that this initiative would have so much success to lead to our foundation in Italy as a youth association in 2023.
We are now proud to have built a passionate and diverse community of 3000+ sustainability enthusiasts, volunteering both digitally and in-person, both for funded and non-funded projects/activities, and on an European, as well as global level.

What we do

We do our best to make our activities flexible, digitized, and easily accessible. Our efforts are categorized into three main areas: projects, initiatives, and campaigns. They can be funded or unfunded, digital, hybrid, or physical, and range from knowledge-intensive to beginner-level. We offer maximum flexibility and empower youth to manage their own projects & initiatives. Each project goes through four stages: idea drafting, starting, in progress, and completed. We appoint a delegate project manager for each project to lead and maximize the learning experience, helping participants develop both hard and soft skills such as leadership and teamwork.

Additionally, when Italian law permits, we offer students the opportunity to participate in curricular internships at EasySustainability, providing valuable experience for the sustainability and non-profit sectors. In special cases, we may support outstanding individuals with eco-innovative ideas to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

Our projects cover a wide range of topics and commitments. From completed to ongoing and drafted projects, we engage in activities that align with our commitment to corporate sustainability and greener careers for youth.
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Whether you aspire to work in an ESG corporation, conduct climate change research, or launch eco-innovative startups, Easysustainability is here to support your journey toward a greener career! Our mission is to upskill youth, enhancing their prospects for landing (or transitioning to) greener jobs. We achieve this through various methods, including theoretical courses, practical projects, networking initiatives, and awareness campaigns. Additionally, our continuously updated website serves as a comprehensive resource, making these opportunities more accessible to everyone.
Project Portfolio
Our projects are based on a vast array of topics, and as we believe in the principles of democracy, we even possible for all associates to propose new projects themselves as long as they are aligned with our mission.
Our current project portfolio includes:

Our People and Community

We are a diverse team of professionals united by a common goal: creating a sustainable and livable future where humans and nature coexist harmoniously. At EasySustainability, our associates are organized into distinct sections—STEM, Law, Economics & Business, and Humanities—based on their passions and backgrounds.

We prioritize a collaborative environment that respects each member's work-life balance and values everyone's ideas and feedback. If you are passionate about sustainability, eager to build a robust network in this field, and interested in learning about various aspects of sustainability, EasySustainability is the perfect place for you!
“If you ask many young people, most want a job that positively impacts the world. The only problem is how to land this job. Due to the complexity and dispersivity of green knowledge, many youngsters and graduates find a gap between their skill set and those required for a green job. While some system failure could cause this, we are here to solve it.”

Federico Quaratesi,
Easysustainability Founder and President.
Federico Quaratesi
Kingsley Okonkwo
“The world is currently at a critical juncture. Climate change, pollution, as well as many other socio-environmental issues threaten our very existence. Nonetheless, within this crisis lies an unprecedented opportunity. By harnessing the potential of the STEM field, youth have the unique chance to develop groundbreaking solutions that can help humanity solve the most puzzling environmental challenges and guarantee a future for the whole planet earth.”

Kingsley Okonkwo,
Easysustainability Co-Founder and Vice President.


We welcome collaboration
Sustainability is not only an ethical imperative but also a sound investment for the future of this planet. As an NGO, we rely on the financial as well as non-financial support of associates, volunteers, partners, donors, and public institutions to achieve our goals. We welcome collaboration opportunities with any public or private entity that shares our values and can help us concretize our goals faster and upskill global youth in green topics.



We thank the following companies for supporting our cause, and granting us their digital solutions. Together, we're working hard to make a difference in the job market and change the economic system into a greener one!