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Position landed: Sustainability Coordinator

Volunteering with EasySustainability gave me an upper hand in my career.
In my time volunteering, I watched the team grow through its volunteers and collaborators which overall benefitted all participants. The position helped me gain further insight on SDG 17, the importance of learning and collaborating with a plethora of industries having similar goals in mind. Sustainability requires a holistic approach; a team as knowledgeable and diverse as this one helps create that circularity. It was an honor to work with such motivating and welcoming individuals. They gave me the chance to pursue projects pertaining to my personal interest and provided me with any research and resources I needed to succeed.
Every member is given the opportunity to highlight their niche in the field through the opportunities of being published or hosting virtual events. In such a short time I made meaningful connections and broadened my experience which ultimately led me to my dream job in the sustainability field.
If you’re eager to learn, gain experience, and get your footing in the industry then I would highly recommend volunteering with EasySustainability.

Francesco (& others)

Position landed: Quality & Developement Coordinator

Just wrapped up the "CarbonCrunch: Youth Rising for Eco-friendly Diets" project organized by Klaster Innowacji Społecznych in Międzybrodzie Bialskie, Poland, from November 7th to 14th.
This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the diets we choose every day. Through 8 workshops and various group activities, there was a true cultural exchange among participants from different European countries.
The project's highlight was the engaging debates during the activities, where each participant brought forward their ideas and past knowledge, sparking new reflections. Beyond the educational aspects, we enjoyed activities like trekking, guided tours in nearby cities, and playful moments strengthening the bond among the project participants through typical songs and dances.
I had the privilege of being part of this project through Easysustainability NGO, providing sustainability Pro Bono consulting services and serving as a hub where eco-transition professionals contribute their expertise to individuals or projects. It's a space to connect and reflect on the ongoing evolution of our world.

I encourage my colleagues and anyone interested to check out Easysustainability's page to stay updated on upcoming activities.

Harshil & Samantha

Received EU YouthPass Certificate

What an amazing Youth Exchange Program hosted by Klaster Innowacji Społecznych in Poland!
This project “No Time to Waste” was truly important as this initiative offered the opportunity to strengthen our ecological skills. Additionally, the project aimed to enhance soft skills and foster understanding of European Union values such as cultural diversity and equality.