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It's Green that the Headhunters are hunting!

Green Jobs

By: Davide Colombo;

It's Green that the Headhunters are hunting!

I recall a well-known film.
In the midst of a potentially fatal financial crisis, the CEO gives his devoted staff advice in a meeting room full of shareholders and employees, saying, "When I hired you, I told you there are three different ways to do this job: cheat, be smart, or be the first. I don't cheat, and I assume there are bright minds with me today, thus the answer is...” the worker responds, "Be the first.”. This might be appropriate for the real circumstances faced by job seekers. Of course, lying is never a good idea. Being the first still has its position as the ace in the sleeve in a job interview since, in the end, being smart and not cheating is essential if you want to start your career in a good way.

Being the first used to entail graduating from a particular university ahead of time or being the first to earn a PhD in a particular field. The options expanded from Science to Medicine and from Management to Accountability. Nowadays, the trend is still prevalent in some ways, but it has a brighter green hue instead.

Certain words may be heard repeatedly in every interview, bouncing from mouth to mouth like a trite nursery song. "How much do you know about sustainability?" or "In this supply chain activity, are you aware of this or that circularity technique?" and once more “We are seeking a new project manager with a proven track record in sustainability and the circular bio-economy”. It's obvious that sustainability and circularity will emerge as the most desirable qualities in an irreplaceable employee.
What, though, are the circular bio-economy and sustainability?
While there are many definitions, they all point toward the same conclusion: sustainability is the ability to continue an activity for an extended period of time with little to no negative environmental impact; on the other hand, the circular economy is a production and consumption model that emphasises sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. Companies and headhunters ask for them because they want to avoid future disruptions to our environment and resources.

Being well-versed in sustainability and circularity benefits society and the environment as well as increasing our chances of being chosen from the many options during a job interview. The demand for green products and services from managers, workers, and customers is predicted to soar to 24 million new employees by 2030. This implies that becoming a part of the green economy entails being prepared—well, more accurately, being the pioneer.

Consider the countless opportunities that come with working in a sector that can change shape, like the green one. However, as there will be a lot of competition, candidates need to be prepared. Chemistry, computer science, geology or geological engineering, biology, environmental science, supply chain management, economics, and business administration are the most necessary academic backgrounds. But the Green economy is going to be so big that there will be space for people who want to pursue another career but don't have a certain degree.
Let's take a quick look at some upcoming green trends.
The collection of refuse materials will be the driving force in this new era, working hand in hand with planner managers, transport engineers, and coordinators of recycling. Web designers, Green data analysts, and computer software engineers will be needed at higher degree levels. As the globe grows greener, businesses must abide by legal requirements, and society will need specialists in energy audits, arbitration, and mediation. This is going to be the true manifestation of green influence in the labour market. Everything is going green, from supply chain management to cultural acceptability to the economy and regulations.

The best ways to get candidates ready include pursuing personal education, emphasising relevant work experience in the green industry, enhancing knowledge and abilities through circularity and sustainability lectures over the most common practices of writing a good cover letter or making a well-structured resume.

An increasing number of Universities will be integrated into green studies by 2024, especially those that focus on agriculture, biology, environmental science, and green engineering. These universities will be responsible for addressing issues like hunger, economic expansion, and sustainable ecosystems. In terms of establishing smarter cities and social spaces, architecture will also be a good field for people who wish to measure themselves in terms of green buildings and natural-based solutions. Environmental attorneys will also be needed by society; it will take them three to five years to become the focal point of an ardent campaign to protect the environment, halt pollution, and reverse hazardous waste.

For those who are ready, opportunities will certainly present themselves in abundance. This includes workers or students who dare to accept an internship at a well-known company like Tesla Motors or a new position at one of the up-and-coming companies like Renewable Northwest. Once again, being the first is essential. A career in the green sector can offer incredible opportunities, and it's also a great way to start caring for the environment.
Do not forget the golden rules that attract and retain a job in the Green Revolution
It is useful to keep in mind what the recruiters and the companies want:

1. People prepared with a bachelor's degree or a master's in one of the green fields mentioned above or a consolidated personal experience in practical issues, ready to be tested in a new challenging environment rich with opportunities.

2. A person who is always interested in enhancing knowledge about new circular or sustainable trends, remember that this sector is at the beginning of its life and there is some room for both new inventions and new inventors!

3. Professional, trusted people with a true interest in making society and the environment a more resilient place Thus, don't spend any more time and get started on your journey. Keep in mind to be inquisitive about the potential implications of a green turning for all of us!(1)

(1) Source: “2024 Guide to Green Careers - All You Need to Know” https://novoresume.com/career-blog/green-careers