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Zero-Waste Systems Could Create Thousands of Jobs

Green Jobs

By: Anila Hayat;

Zero-Waste Systems Could Create Thousands of Jobs

Zero-Waste Systems are Creating Thousands Of Jobs
Zero-Waste Systems are Creating Thousands Of Jobs
A move to zero waste is vitally important, and zero-waste initiatives strengthen the economy by circulating finances and materials within the region.

Zero-waste initiatives not only reduce environmental pollution but also help create thousands of green jobs while improving the health of communities.

The previous five years have seen an 8% yearly increase in green job ads, but green talent isn't keeping up. Job seekers should think about including green talents on their resumes to meet the demand. Upskilling is needed to bridge this gap, Fellowships, online courses, and networking are excellent ways to start.
You can also achieve a career in zero waste space!
You can also achieve a career in zero waste space!
Explore these careers and play your role in the conservation of the environment through innovation.

o    LEED Consultant/Green Building Expert:
The need for LEED experts is growing along with the popularity of green architecture. Buildings that incorporate environmentally friendly elements into their design are awarded certification of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by Green Building Councils.  

Anyone can get into this career by studying LEED and appearing in the LEED Accredited Professional examination conducted by the US Green Building Council (https://www.usgbc.org/credentials/leed-ap).

o  Green Marketing Expert/Sustainability Reporting:
Green marketers support companies by highlighting their commitment to the environment and sustainable practices. Green marketers can build skills like carbon accounting, GHG emission counting and sustainability reporting through different online courses, some good platforms for such courses are:

Coursera, EdX, World Bank and Asian Development Bank also offer courses on green skills which can increase the chances for you to land on your dream green job.

o    Circular Economy Expert
This might be one of the greatest ways to use your familiarity with sustainability policies if you're a fantastic multitasker and enjoy the idea of constantly evolving because this job will keep you on your toes and you will learn new things every day.

Data analysis, dealing with numbers, research and development are some of the skills you will need to land jobs related to circular economy.

Important websites: